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Unbroken follows the misadventures of a bunch of alien freakshows. Mainly taking place on the revitalized wasp-monster homeworld of Namine, the story centers on the carrying theme of resilience as the main characters struggle against terrorists, other aliens, gods, rogue military dictatorships, parasitic mushrooms, virulent mutagens, non-virulent mutagens, inter-dimensional horrors from beyond our own plane of existence, dragons, drugs, indigenous peoples, religious whackos, clever salesmen, rats, each other, and, most deadly of all, themselves.


The Quote Gallery segment displays quotes from the Unbroken lore that have proven to be interesting.'s like the universe's most precious, delicate piece of art. Once broken, it can never completely be returned to its original form.

Phar'annica Kirakoy

A man's past is nothing more than the pavement on which he may build a future that loathes him.

Cyonyx Dicephelidae, reflecting on his life.

Friends, you've seen the scans and reports of what we're facing at the Boundary. Poised against us, we have a maniacal Singularity, a horde of otherworldly abominations, and what is likely the most ancient ship in existence. But with us, we have the most accomplished and fearsome warriors of Namine. We have men and women who fought until final blood was spilled to extinguish the flames of the Corruption and wrench Qualdron and her colonies away from a rampant uprising that could've seen the galaxy burned to the quick! You are children of Namine, the sons and daughters of the land of relentless summer! Together, we have built cities, spread our mark across the expanse of the cosmos, and achieved glory our ancestors could not have even begun to conceive! We will drive back these impure hordes and make a stand for our universe! The cosmos is ours to master...and we won't let them take that from us!

Vespid Heterodonyx, rallying the Waspcaela Empire's assault force for the Battle of the Boundary.


The Interesting Facts segment displays a few interesting facts about the Unbroken lore. Who would have guessed?

Did you know that...

  • ...the original Pulse Rifle was supposed to be a "Tesla gun", but this idea was scrapped due to the prototype both shocking the user more than it did the target and melting in the user's hands?
  • ...unbeknownst to Thegalet, the original version of himself committed suicide?
  • ...Waspcaela Empire soldiers often swarm over cities just to intimidate the enemy?
  • ...Kycelid started life as a Waspcaela, but was freakishly mutated into an Ilanian thanks to a strange substance known as Liath Saol?


The current featured image is Tdott123's stunning concept art of the Chalidrytes!


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